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The Man Eaters of Tsavo

Visit the MAN-EATERS home, walking to the LION CAVE

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Do you remember the movie: THE GHOST and THE DARKNESS? That movie was based on the Man Eaters of Tsavo!

When the rail road was being built in 1898 two Huge Male Mane less Lions went on a rampage, killing and feeding on the rail workers.

Most visitors have no idea it was possible to visit the MAN-EATERS home, but with us we shall walk to the LION CAVE, definitely with the help of the security personnel of the Kenya wildlife service

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Uganda Excursion

Travel to Uganda and participate in a number of activities from White water rafting to visiting a chimp sanctuary while assisting in supplying Educational Materials to Kids

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On our next trip we shall be heading to UGANDA where we shall meet the children of SUKUMA tribe. This is an ancestry tribe located in the island of Lake Victoria – Uganda side. These kids school in very poor humane conditions due to inaccessibility, so we shall be visiting them and also providing for them reading materials so if you are interested on this, tried to get as much reading materials as possible.

After this we shall then head to the chimp sanctuary and then complete the two day island tour in River Nile, Jinja. Here we shall go on a two day trip WHITE WATER RAFTING as we enjoy the cool breeze of the Nile.

The amazing issue on this trip is that it is very cheap and we shall be traveling on bus most times, so we won’t need to hire any private vehicle, although useful, might be cumbersome considering we shall be on water most times.

Therefore the expenditure is very comfortable.

If you want to Join Us, Hey…….Just email and we shall usher you into the TRAVELLERS OF EAST AFRICA!

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The East Africa's True Travelers

We are a group of professional travelers who have travelled over the years vastly from Somali to Uganda, Kenya to Tanzania whilst not forgetting Egypt with Ethiopia.

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Our trips have been for fun, touring, site seeing and making friends with these different communities therefore our understanding of these regions and countries is invaluable.
We would like to offer our knowledge, advice, support and orientation for all you who wish to make trips to the Maasai Mara, Serengeti, The Nile, and The Rift valley, Victoria Falls or the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Our trusted networks of ground contacts is wide and are always in communications with directors/managers of accommodation sites, restaurants, rental companies, security personnel and most importantly a team of enthusiastic locals that are always ready to help at any time we pass by.

This is what is needed when travelling to a foreign country; you need to know at least 2 – 5 people within the area so that they may advice you on what to carry, how much money and basically to ensure you DON’T GET RIPPED OFF!

As we travel, we always prefer to associate ourselves with the local communities because they are the ones that ensure the sustainability of the land, ecosystems and basically the game. We believe in conservation without which this world would be no more. Therefore as we travel, we raise awareness by talking to the same locals about the importance of wildlife while providing reading materials and other small supplies we can come up with so our TEAM is dedicated towards the environment.

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